Voters’ Vengeance: 1990 Election in New Zealand and the Fate of the Fourth Labour Government

Jack Vowles and Peter Aimer

Author: Jack Vowles and Peter Aimer
Format: Ebook
Pages: 276
Published: February 1993
Availability: Out of print, only available in ebook format
Specs: 22.5cm x 14.5cm
ISBN: 9781869400781

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The 1990 election in New Zealand produced the biggest landslide in 50 years, and Voters’ Vengeance uses comprehensive survey research to explore why New Zealand voters reacted in this way. The answers to over 2000 questionnaires allow the sophisticated analysis of voter behaviour. The authors discuss the increasing volatility of New Zealand politics, the shifts in party commitment, reactions to Rogernomics and other Labour policies, the growth of third-party support, and leadership issues such as the environment, defence and the role of women. Tables, graphs and figures are an essential aspect of the study and they are carefully and clearly presented to show the changing character of New Zealand political opinion.


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This book is the definitive study of New Zealand electoral behaviour in the 1980s, at a crucial time in the development of the political and party system. It has much to tell us also about the changing nature of electoral behaviour in the Anglo-American democracies. – Ian McAllister, Journal of Sociology