About the Press

Auckland University Press is New Zealand’s leading scholarly publisher. Founded in 1966 and formally recognised as Auckland University Press in 1972, the Press has been at the forefront of ideas and creativity for decades.

From James Belich’s New Zealand Wars to Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke, from Allen Curnow’s Early Days Yet to Selina Tusitala Marsh’s Fast Talking PI, from The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography to Ngā Mōteatea, Auckland University Press books have changed how New Zealanders see themselves and their world.

Auckland University Press consists of a small team of dedicated staff and partners and currently publishes around 20 books a year. With traditional strengths in history and politics; art and architecture; literature and poetry and Māori, Asia and Pacific Studies.

We couldn’t achieve the big ideas in gorgeous books that we do without the help of countless individuals and many organisations. From authors to cover designers, copy-editors to booksellers, Press Board members to peer reviewers.



Publishing books requires a lot of people beyond authors and the team. We are assisted by a group of fantastic companies to get our books out there in the world:

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Here are just some of the many organisations that do so much for us and the larger book world and contribute to a vibrant environment for books in Aotearoa New Zealand:

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You’ll find Auckland University Press titles in great bookshops around New Zealand – here are just a few of them:

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You can see our authors out and about at these and other fabulous events:

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The Auckland University Press Board is a committee of Senate that meets six times a year. Visit their website.

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We work with heaps of talented freelancer editors, proofreaders, indexers and designers. Here are just a few of the freelance professionals that help us make our books outstanding:

Graphic designers


  • Jane Parkin
  • Matt Turner
  • Hēni Jacob
  • Mike Wagg


  • Carol Dawber
  • Diane Lowther
  • Timothy Vaughan-Sanders


  • Sarah Ell
  • Caren Wilton
  • Louise Belcher
  • Jennifer Garlick

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