The Time of the Giants

Anne Kennedy

Author: Anne Kennedy
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 96
Published: May 2005
Specs: 23.3cm x 15.5cm
ISBN: 9781869403423

Available in Ebook

Time of the Giants is an original, delightful book of poems from the winner of the poetry section in the 2004 Montana Book Awards. This new work, also a sequence, is much less tied to the poet’s own experience. Wonderfully inventive and both disturbing and amusing, it focuses on a family of giants and in particular the daughter and her efforts to conceal from her lover (normal size) just how tall she really is. This tale also includes gentle satire on contemporary manners, witty language play and a warm and affectionate tone.


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Narrated in a manner that is like a kid’s book for grownups, this engaging fable easily holds the attention though more than 100 pages, largely through its oddity, wild humour, and marvellous inventiveness of event and language. – Peter Simpson, NZ Herald