Te Kōparapara: An Introduction to the Māori World

Michael Reilly, Suzanne Duncan, Gianna Leoni, Lachy Paterson, Poia Rewi, Lyn Carter, Matiu Rātima

Author: Edited by Michael Reilly,
Author: Suzanne Duncan,
Author: Gianna Leoni,
Author: Lachy Paterson,
Author: Lyn Carter,
Author: Matiu Rātima and
Author: Poia Rewi
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 484
Published: May 2018
Availability: Available
Specs: 24.8cm x 19.0cm
ISBN: 9781869408671

Available in Ebook

An introduction to Māori history, culture and society for students and general readers

Ka rite te kōpara e kō nei i te ata
It is like a bellbird singing at dawn.

Like the clear morning song of te kōparapara, the bellbird, this book aims to allow the Māori world to speak for itself through an accessible introduction to Māori culture, history and society from an indigenous perspective.

In twenty-one illustrated chapters, leading scholars introduce Māori culture (including tikanga on and off the marae and key rituals like pōwhiri and tangihanga), Māori history (from the beginning of the world and the waka migration through to Māori protest and urbanisation in the twentieth century), and Māori society today (including twenty-first century issues like education, health, political economy and identity). Each chapter provides a descriptive narrative covering the major themes, written in accessible formal English, including appropriate references to te reo Māori and to the wider Pacific. Chapters are illustrated with a mixture of images, maps and diagrams as well as relevant songs and sayings.

Te Kōparapara is an authoritative and accessible introduction to the past, present and future of the Māori world for students and general readers.

Ko te manu kai i te miro nōna te ngahere, ko te manu kai i te mātauranga nōna te ao.

The bird that feasts on miro tree berries belongs to the bush, the bird that feasts on knowledge belongs to the world.


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Te Kōparapara is an important addition to existing literature on Aotearoa and deserves wide readership. - Ann Beaglehole, NZ Listener

The editors of this businesslike volume have aimed to provide an introduction to all aspects of the Māori world and succeeded splendidly. - Paul Little, North & South