Mophead: How Your Difference Makes a Difference

Selina Tusitala Marsh

Format: Hardback
Pages: 88
Published: 17 October, 2019
Specs: 23.5cm x 18.0cm
ISBN: 9781869408985

A moving graphic memoir of growing up Pasifika in New Zealand, written and illustrated by our fast-talking PI Poet Laureate, Selina Tusitala Marsh.

At school, Selina is teased for her big, frizzy hair. Kids call her ‘mophead’. She ties her hair up this way and that way and tries to fit in. Until one day – Sam Hunt plays a role – Selina gives up the game. She decides to let her hair out, to embrace her difference, to be WILD!

Selina takes us through special moments in her extraordinary life. She becomes one of the first Pasifika women to hold a PhD. She reads for the Queen of England and Samoan royalty. She meets Barack Obama. And then she is named the New Zealand Poet Laureate. She picks up her special tokotoko, and notices something. It has wild hair coming out the end. It looks like a mop. A kid on the Waiheke ferry teases her about it. So she tells him a story . . .

This is an inspirational graphic memoir, full of wry humour, that will appeal to young readers and adults alike. Illustrated with wit and verve by the author – NZ’s bestselling Poet Laureate – Mophead tells the true story of a New Zealand woman realising how her difference can make a difference.

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Mophead is quirky and visually full of surprises. The story is very funny and, like all good funny stories, it has a sting in the tail. Mophead has much to say about finding that inner strength that allows you to be true to yourself.’ – Gavin Bishop, ONZM

'Altogether, this book is a delight – to hold, to read, to see, and to learn from.' – Bronwyn Elsmore, Flaxroots

'Selina’s living up to the name she inherited from her Tuvaluan grandfather: Tusitala means ‘teller of tales’ – 'Different is okay', Lyn Barnes,