Fast Talking PI

Selina Tusitala Marsh

Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 80
Published: February 2012
Specs: 23.0cm x 16.5cm
ISBN: 9781869404321

Available in Ebook

Fast Talking PI is the first ‘singular, confident and musical’ collection of poetry by Auckland writer Selina Tusitala Marsh. ‘Tusitala’ means writer of tales in Samoan, and Marsh here lives up to her name with stories of her life, her family, community, ancestry, and history. Her poetry is sensuous and strong, using lush imagery, clear rhythms and repetitions to power it forward. The list poem is a favourite style, but she also writes with a Pacific lyricism entirely her own.

Fast Talking PI is structured in three sections, ‘Tusitala (personal), ‘Talkback’ (political and historical) and ‘Fast Talking PI’ (already a classic). In poems like ‘Guys Like Gauguin’ she writes as a ‘calabash breaker’, fighting back against historic injustices; but in other poems she explores the idea of the calabash as the honoured vessel for identity and story. Ultimately, though, Marsh exhorts herself to ‘be nobody’s darling’, as a writer she is a self-proclaimed ‘darling in the margins’, and Fast Talking PI proves it – a generous work that will thrill readers; ‘a map in our arms / to get us over the reef’; and a tremendous first book.


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Awards and Nominations

Winner – 2010 New Zealand Society of Authors Jessie Mackay Award for Best First Book of Poetry – Fast Talking PI, Selina Tusitala Marsh



Marsh’s first book of poems is bold, fascinating, foolhardy, risky, on-the-edge stuff – but it seems to work. Her poems leap and twist with the dexterity of buzzing UFOs hanging around the Pacific. – Hamesh Wyatt, Otago Daily Times

Lovers of poetry will celebrate the arrival of another Pacific literary gem . . . – Pacific Starmap

Writing about love, life and other things that matter, Selina Marsh is one of the “calabash breakers”, crossing boundaries, sailing by the notes of her songs. – Gregory O’Brien, Metro