Dining Out: A History of the Restaurant in New Zealand

Perrin Rowland

Author: Perrin Rowland
Format: Hardback
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Pages: 224
Published: September 2010
Specs: 23.8cm x 20.0cm
ISBN: 9781869404642

From oyster bars and ordinaries to hotel dining rooms, from Dunedin’s Savoy to K Road’s Hi Diddle Griddle, from haute cuisine to Pacific flavours, from hogget to hapuka – Dining Out introduces us to the history of the New Zealand restaurant from the 1860s to the present. Drawing on menus, memories, photographs and newspapers, Perrin Rowland tells the story of New Zealand’s first nineteenth-century restaurants; luxury in the golden age; licensing and the Depression years; World War II and the Americans; post-war dining and the six o’clock swill; the rise of ethnic restaurants; and our contemporaryy explosion of flavours.

Throughout she asks important questions about eating out and the eaten out. How did international trends – from hamburgers to nouvelle cuisine – shape the restaurant experience? How have New Zealanders reconciled a culture of the ordinary bloke with the luxury of dining out? And was it really all bad coffee and soggy chips before 1980?

Extensively illustrated and engagingly written, Dining Out is a great gastronomical tour through New Zealand history. Perrin Rowland shows that in amongst the silver service and salads of the New Zealand restaurant experience lies a great story about the way our peoples and cultures have changed over the last 150 years.


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A lushly attractive book, Dining Out . . . rewards the reader with an indepth and interesting read. – Judith McKinnon, Hawke’s Bay Weekend

From 19th century oyster bars to 20th century hotel dining; from the grill restaurants following the Yanks based here during World War II, to contemporaryy restaurants – Dining Out’s in-depth research is a rich insight to Kiwi dining-out culture. – Foodstyle Review Magazine

Extensively illustrated and engagingly written, Dining Out is a great, gastronomical tour through New Zealand history. - David Hartnell