The Resurrection of Philip Clairmont

Martin Edmond

Author: Martin Edmond
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 364
Published: December 1999
Specs: 22.6cm x 15.0cm
ISBN: 9781869401955

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This mingling of biography, autobiography and art history has at its centre the life and art of the painter Philip Clairmont, a tortured figure who died by his own hand in 1984. 

Meeting those who were close to Clairmont and observing where he lived and what he left behind, Martin Edmond makes his own journey. But he also brings to light facts not previously known or understood about Clairmont’s childhood and family, his education and growth as an artist, his ideas about art and the artistic vocation. He explores his relationships with fellow artists and with mentors as well as his more personal roles as son, husband and father. 

Edmond is unswerving in his respect for the great Clairmont paintings and in his compassionate identification with the totality of his artistic commitment.


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The most interesting biography of the year has to be Martin Edmond’s The Resurrection of Philip Clairmont. . . . startlingly well-written, replete with unexpected insights and heartily recommended. – Michael King, NZ Listener