The Loving Stitch: A History of Knitting and Spinning in New Zealand

Heather Nicholson

Format: Ebook only
Pages: 314
Published: March 1998
Specs: 25.0cm x 19.0cm
ISBN: 9781869401887

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The Loving Stitch is an engaging history of a subject never before explored but familiar to many New Zealanders. Heather Nicholson's knowledge of knitting and spinning is formidable but she also knows how to tell a good story and has a keen sense of humour. The Loving Stitch presents a chronological account of antipodean knitting, which is also a history of the domestic lives of women, of their resourcefulness, their talent and sociability. She follows the growth of pattern books, the role of knitting for troops in the two world wars, knitting in the Depression and the recent interest in art knitting. She also explores the different items produced by the skilled knitter, from jerseys and guernseys to counterpanes, socks and stockings, and a scarf that stretched right round Parliament Buildings. The book also includes material on spinning and on local wool mills, as well as general good advice drawn from the personal experience of hundreds of knitters and spinners.

The Loving Stitch is impeccably researched, it is full of characters, memories and advice, and it is superbly illustrated.


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Awards and Nominations

Winner – 1999 Montana Medal for Non-Fiction – The Loving Stitch, Heather Nicholson



This is a beautifully presented book, full of historical and social interest. – Otago Daily Times