Songs of a Kaumātua: As Sung by Kino Hughes

Margaret Orbell and Mervyn McLean

Format: Ebook only
Pages: 288
Published: December 2002
Specs: 21.2cm x 28.8cm
ISBN: 9781869402587

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This is a unique historical document uncovering the richness of Tūhoe music and poetry. Includes 60 traditional songs from outstanding singer Kino Hughes with the text of each song in both English and Māori; musical transcriptions; information on Kino Hughes, the people of Tūhoe, the song categories used and the music; photographs; a glossary; notes on the texts and the transcriptions; and an index of song types. Introduction by Taiarahia Black.


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Beautifully produced, it includes a brief biography of main singer Kino Hughes (1896–1986), backgrounds the people of Tuhoe, discusses the differences between recited and sung songs and then presents the songs. . . . I am sure further prizes will come to the authors of this book. – David Verran, Sunday Star-Times