Na to Hoa Aroha, from Your Dear Friend: the Correspondence of Sir Apirana Ngata and Sir Peter Buck, 1925–50 (Volume I, 1925–29)

M. P. K. Sorrenson

Author: Edited by M. P. K. Sorrenson
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 272
Published: 1986
Specs: 24.0cm x 14.5cm
ISBN: 9780196480350

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The leading historian Keith Sorrenson has collected in three volumes the complete correspondence (174 letters in all) between two distinguished twentieth-century Māori scholars and statesmen, Sir Apirana Ngata and Sir Peter Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa). Volume Three of Na to Hoa Aroha also contains an epilogue and an index to the works.

'The letters confirm that each man was indeed a totara tree of some magnificence and that each was a tree that stood alone. Even today such trees remain rare,' writes Hirini Moko Mead.


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The thoughts expressed by these two cover an immense range. The breadth and power of their intellects and energy makes this . . . important documents for New Zealand, the Pacific and anthropological studies. – Dave Simmons, New Zealand Herald