Marti Friedlander

Leonard Bell

Author: Leonard Bell
Foreword by: Kapka Kassabova
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 232
Published: October 2009
Specs: 28.5cm x 23.5cm
ISBN: 9781869404444

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From Māori moko to Dame Whina Cooper and the 1975 Māori land march, from Rita Angus to Norman Kirk, from Israel to Fiji, Marti Friedlander’s photographs have captured the transformation of our lives over the last 50 years.

While recording these places, events, and personalities of recent history, Friedlander has brought to her subjects a distinctive eye.

Arriving in New Zealand as a Jewish immigrant from England in 1958, Marti Friedlander has always viewed life through the lens of an outsider. Whether photographing artists and writers or protests and street scenes, her photographs have drawn out key human dynamics – conflict, ambivalence, anger, warmth – by excelling in the photographer’s art. This landmark book is the first sustained examination of Friedlander’s life and work. It is illustrated with almost 200 of her photographs, many published for the first time.

In a world awash with throwaway images, Marti Friedlander’s photographs provide evidence for the value of really seeing, showing how sustained, inquiring and attentive looking by both photographer and viewers can lead us to new truths.


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The qualities of wonder, innocence and exuberance permeate all Friedlander’s images – whether they register the grand sweep of key events in New Zealand’s post-war history or her intimate portraits. – Art News

This book is a stunning tribute to a much loved and admired New Zealander, a great photographer, an outstanding artist, and a wonderful chronicler of the past 50 years of our social history. Congratulations and thanks Marti, I salute you. – Graham Beattie

Well done too by author/editor Leonard Bell, by publisher Auckland University Press, and finally I must mention the special and most thoughtful foreword by Kapka Kassabova, a superb essay which I am sure must have thrilled Marti Friedlander. Together they have all delivered us a very special book, a taonga no less. I feel privileged to own a copy. Don't miss this one. – Graham Beattie