Marti Friedlander with Hugo Manson

With: Hugo Manson
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 288
Published: October 2013
Specs: 24.0cm x 19.0cm
ISBN: 9781869407841

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From a childhood in London’s East End to half a century in New Zealand photographing wine-makers and artists, children and kuia, Marti Friedlander has lived a rich life – one defined by the art of looking, seeing, capturing on film. In Self-Portrait, Marti tells her story for the first time. As unflinching and clear in prose as in her photographs, she describes growing up in a London orphanage, being Jewish, working in a Kensington photography studio, marrying a New Zealander and moving to a challenging new country. Here she spent her life photographing the ordinary and the extraordinary, protests and politicians, balloons and beaches. Seeing with a stranger’s eye, Marti Friedlander describes how she captured the transformation of New Zealand life over more than fifty years. This book is a rich meditation on one women’s photographic journey through the twentieth century.


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"At the orphanage, we were always told to begin our letters: ‘I hope you’re as well and happy as we are at present.’ I used to think, how strange – we were never that well or that happy. And we had nobody to write letters to." There is a strong sense throughout the book of the ways in which Friedlander came to know and eventually acquire a deep connection and love for New Zealand. - Paul Wolffram

“Life changes very quickly. I have the need to capture it.” - Marti Friedlander