BA: An Insider’s Guide

Rebecca Jury

Author: Rebecca Jury
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 200
Published: February 2012
Specs: 19.0cm x 14.0cm
ISBN: 9781869405779

Available in Ebook

10 Steps to a Great Degree’ BA: An Insider’s Guide is a practical, honest introduction to getting the most out of your arts degree at a New Zealand university. Author Rebecca Jury has just emerged from the maelstrom of university and offers her personal take on how to ace your BA.

Jury introduces readers to everything from choosing your courses (just like putting together a personalised gourmet sandwich), setting up a study space and doing part-time work, to turning up at lectures and tutorials and actually reading your ‘readings’, she offers ten steps on how to make university a more rewarding and enjoyable experience. In particular, she focuses on planning, work–life balance, study habits, succeeding at essays and exams, and sorting out a life after the degree.

If you’re not afraid to be a nerd, polish up your essays until they shine and master exam-taking techniques, Jury suggests, you’ll emerge from the university experience a better thinker, a more employable worker and a wiser person.

BA: An Insider’s Guide is an essential reader for all those considering study or about to embark on their arts degree. Among all the guides to essay writing and research available to undergraduates, this book distinguishes itself by its coverage of the full range of student life, by its rootedness in recent experience at a New Zealand university, and by its clear, engaging, personal style.


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Here is a small book you will need to have available for your senior students. – Steve Langley, English in Aotearoa

The real success of this book will be in encouraging students to look for this positive attitude in themselves early in their university life – not right at the end – and the book explores a range of practical steps towards achieving this. – Steve Langley, English in Aotearoa

BA: An Insider's Guide, is a holistic how-to manual that attempts to demystify the academic world while urging would-be graduates to, in short, get a grip on themselves. In doing so, they might just get a grip on a meaningful degree. – Otago Daily Times