Adverse Reactions: The Fenoterol Story

Neil Pearce

Author: Neil Pearce
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 232
Published: March 2007
Specs: 21.5cm x 14.0cm
ISBN: 9781869403744

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Dramatic and topical, Adverse Reactions tells the story of the fenoterol controversy, a major medical scandal some 15 years ago involving the asthma drug fenoterol, which was causing an epidemic of asthma deaths. 

Author Neil Pearce was one of the researchers who discovered, in hostile and often stressful circumstances, that fenoterol was the cause of this dreadful epidemic. In Adverse Reactions: The Fenoterol Story, Pearce tells the story of this discovery from a personal perspective but it is one that raises many serious issues about drug safety internationally and about the contest between money and science in medical research. 

Adverse Reactions makes gripping reading and, while the epidemic occurred in New Zealand, its consequences and the detective story of the discovery of the cause of those deaths attracted wide international attention.


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This is a great book, by a passionate scientist who, against almost insurmountable opposition, helped expose the dangers of fenoterol. – Evan J. Begg, NZ Medical Journal