A Press Achieved: the Emergence of Auckland University Press, 1927-1972

Dennis McEldowney

Format: Ebook only
Pages: 172
Published: June 2001
Specs: cm x cm
ISBN: 9781869402396

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Written with humour and acerbic observation by a former managing editor of Auckland University Press, Dennis McEldowney, A Press Achieved charts the origins of Auckland University Press up to its formal recognition in 1972. Drawing on both documents and memory, this two-part volume is a valuable contribution to the history of the book in New Zealand and offers an intriguing view of university politics, as well as glimpses into New Zealand culture. 


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Thanks to the flair of its author, the self-taught gentleman and scholar of New Zealand letters . . . [A Press Achieved] becomes a miniature history of publishing and academic politics, written in the engaging style McEldowney displayed in his earlier works, (his classic memoir of a “blue baby” childhood, The World Regained, and his diaries of the 60s and 70s, in which even the indexes were entertaining). – Chris Bourke, North and South