The Pastoral Kitchen

Anna Jackson

Author: Anna Jackson
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 64
Published: December 2002
Specs: 21.0cm x 14.0cm
ISBN: 9781869402617

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In this collection, Anna Jackson’s poems deal thoughtfully and elegantly with motherhood, family, and the environment. Her ideas often assume unexpected forms, appearing as hens, vending machines, or grass within her poetry. Also addressed in these poems is the fate of today’s animals in their restricted habitats, which is dealt with in poems such as ‘Dodo’, ‘Butterflies’ and ‘The Pastoral Elephant’.


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Tactile poetry, touching the everyday life of its author . . . The Pastoral Kitchen uses the sublimity of ideas colliding with the environment to chronicle man’s impact on that environment. – Fraser Duncan, Hawke’s Bay Today