Changing Gears: How to Take Your Kiwi Business from the Kitchen Table to the Board Room

David Irving, Darl Kolb, Deborah Shepherd and Christine Woods

Author: David Irving,
Author: Darl Kolb,
Author: and Christine Woods
Format: Ebook
Availibility: No longer in print or stock
Pages: 242
Published: October 2009
Specs: 22.5cm x 16.0cm
ISBN: 9781869404505

Changing Gears is the essential guide to growing your Kiwi business.

Rooted in the success stories of real New Zealand companies, the book explains in plain language the key business principles that will enable you to drive growth, profitability and market penetration. Easy to read and illustrated throughout with diagrams and exercises, Changing Gears encourages readers to apply the insights to their own enterprises.

Changing Gears gives Kiwi business owners and managers answers to their most critical questions: How do you identify business models and financial drivers? How do you become a leader who can see the future for your business? How do you build a team, share information, and delegate effectively so that you are not waking up at 3 a.m.? How do you develop resilience so that you can get things done without burning out? And how do you weigh options for the future of the business and pursue growth opportunities to scale up your company? This book celebrates the vision, determination, and tenacity of New Zealand’s owner-managers and gives them the tools to do their business better.

From start-up entrepreneurs to established family businesses, from farms to factories, Changing Gears provides New Zealand owner-managers with the keys to growth. Drawing on their own business careers, international research and experience coaching owner-managers in the successful ICEHOUSE programme, the authors have developed this essential guide to leading and growing a business in New Zealand.


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A sound blend of theory and practical advice makes this a very useful, supportive book for SME owners. – Linda Donald, NZBusiness

Changing Gears is a fantastic guide book for Kiwi businesses as they strive to go to the next stage in their journey. – Northern Advocate

. . . a thoughtful, practical guide to tackling the management issues of how to grow, how to lead and how to improve management and leadership performance – Kiwi-style. – Management Magazine