The Godwits Fly

Robin Hyde and ed. Patrick Sandbrook

Author: Robin Hyde.
Author: Edited by Patrick Sandbrook
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 260
Published: 2001
Availability: Out of stock / out of print
Specs: 21.0cm x 14.8cm
ISBN: 9781869402457

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A reissue of a New Zealand classic novel, with an extensive introduction by Patrick Sandbrook, one of the group of scholars working on the Hyde project. Strongly autobiographical, The Godwits Fly vividly evokes the complexities of family life and the intensely felt world of a single-minded young woman in Wellington in the 1930s.


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Originally published in 1938, The Godwits Fly has lost nothing through the passage of time. Hyde’s writing, put simply, is a pleasure to read. Her lyrical prose is spellbinding, her characters full-bodied, and the themes she explores provoke thought well beyond the covers of the novel. – Steve Scott, The Press