Julius Vogel: Business Politician

Raewyn Dalziel

Author: Raewyn Dalziel
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 368
Published: 1986
Specs: 23.5cm x 14.5cm
ISBN: 9780196480473

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Julius Vogel (1835–99) dominated New Zealand politics in a way that no man had done before him and few have done since. He was behind the policy that transformed New Zealand from a collection of sparsely settled and isolated provinces into a unified nation, he cultivated trade connections and was an advocate of greater colonial autonomy and equal rights between men and women; he was an optimistic visionary. Raewyn Dalziel's definitive biography, Julius Vogel: Business Politician, traces both the career and the character of the man.


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This book joins Keith Sinclair's works on William Pember Reeves and Walter Nash as the major biographies of New Zealand historiography. – John Williams, American Historical Review