Flamingo Bendalingo: Poems from the Zoo

Paula Green

Author: Paula Green
Availability: No longer in print or stock
Illustrated by: Michael Hight
Format: Hardback
Pages: 104
Published: March 2006
Specs: 26.5cm x 23.5cm
ISBN: 9781869403539

In Flamingo Bendalingo, all the animals of the zoo, from sea lions to giraffes, from meerkats to elephants, come to life in poems written by 50 children and experienced poet Paula Green. 

The animals roar, they squeal, they lope and lie, they splash and munch. The lines of the poems capture in words, their funny shapes and their bright colours. Energetic rhythms and sparkling images make you laugh and make you think. 

In three parts, with Green’s poems making up one part, the poems by the children making up another, and an extensive glossary of definitions and examples, this brilliant book of zoo poems makes writing poetry easy and reading it fun.

Flamingo Bendalingo is stunningly illustrated on every page, with whimsical, beautifully coloured pictures by Michael Hight.


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All the entries are beautifully displayed and are complemented by fantastic illustrations from Michael Hight. . . .There are around 90 of his drawings here – all delightfully whimsical and beautifully coloured – and they add that extra zing to an already interesting book . . . a great addition to anyone’s library. – Lisa Hoult, Taranaki Daily News