Because a Woman’s Heart is Like a Needle at the Bottom of the Ocean

Sugar Magnolia Wilson

Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 88
Published: March 2019
Specs: 22.4cm x 16.5cm
ISBN: 9781869408909

Available in Ebook

A first collection from a significant new voice in New Zealand poetry.

Through fun and gore, love and monsters, Sugar Magnolia Wilson’s riveting first collection takes readers inside a world where past and present, fiction and fact, author and subject collide. Playful and yet not so sunny, these poems invite you in with extravagant and surprising imagery, only to reveal the uneasy, Frankenstein world within.


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‘Sugar Magnolia Wilson’s work punches holes into a parallel universe which explains ourselves back to us. Because a woman’s heart is like a needle at the bottom of the ocean uncovers deep secrets within the reader through Wilson’s intelligence, craft and close observation of being. It’s an exceptional and uplifting collection which is a joy to read.’ – Pip Adam

‘These poems are clever, intriguing, resistant, arresting, strange, funny and pleasingly unusual. Humorously self-conscious and with a wonderful facility with imagery, the overwhelming evidence in this collection is that Wilson is a significant new writer with a distinctive voice of her own.’ – Mark Williams

'It is impossible to know what to say about this book because I want to say so many things about this book. It is complex and honest and heavy and light and tender and brutal. It is narrator and narrated. It is the moon and the people looking at the moon. [...] Because a Woman’s Heart is Like a Needle at the Bottom of the Ocean tells us secrets about ourselves, invites us into strange new worlds, and shines kind, wry light on dark places. It’s a collection I see myself returning to again and again and again.' – Sarah Lin Wilson, Booksellers NZ