AUP New Poets 3

Janis Freegard, Katherine Liddy and Reihana Robinson

Author: Janis Freegard,
Author: Katherine Liddy
Author: and Reihana Robinson
Format: Paperback
Pages: 80
Published: August 2008
Specs: 23.5cm x 13.4cm
ISBN: 9781869404161

Available in Ebook

The third book in AUP’s New Poets series, which began in 1999 and has launched an outstanding range of poets. The poets in this volume, Janis Freegard, Katherine Liddy and Reihana Robinson, all have vastly different yet complementary styles.

Freegard writes quirky and often surreal poems about a Wellington inhabited with strange animals, art and people; the humorous prose poem is a favourite vehicle but there are also serious, luminous moments in this selection, called ‘The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider and Other Tales'.

Liddy is a promising young poet with an unusual interest in and ear for rhyme and rhythm. While some of her poems are texturally dense she has an impressive range and there is a pleasing variety in her selection, ‘Artefacts Exhibiting Love’, which is ordered chronologically from the Bronze Age to the space age.

Finally, Robinson’s poems are tropical but gritty, set as many of them are on Pitcairn Island ‘A Hum for Pitkern’ is her strong centrepiece – and elsewhere in the Pacific. She intersperses touching lyrics about family and identity with sharper poems written in a fractured English.


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A lot of nice browsing in this book and I would like to see more work from all of them in the future. – Trevor Reeves, Southern Ocean Review