Asia in the Making of New Zealand

Henry Johnson and Brian Moloughney

Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Published: January 2007
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Specs: 21.4cm x 14.0cm
ISBN: 9781869403843

Asia in the Making of New Zealand is a thoughtful and illuminating discussion of the rapidly changing, creative and dynamic multicultural society in which we now live. 

Five chapters consider historical links between New Zealand and various Asian countries; five look at Asian aspects of our contemporary Kiwi culture, from the Indonesian gamelan, Indian identity, Muslim traditions as exemplified in the ‘burqa’ case, to Chinese and Korean use of the media. 

Asian issues are an increasingly important area of study for academics, local community groups and public policy makers alike, and by identifying the historical and contemporary impact of Asia on kiwi culture, this book celebrates cultural diversity and offers practical insight and understanding of the Asian diaspora in New Zealand.


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'An essential read for anyone who needs to get to grips with Asia’s past and present role in New Zealand life – and these days that’s more or less all of us.'

– Sam Finnemore, Craccum