The Butcher Shop

Jean Devanny and ed. Heather Roberts

Author: Jean Devanny
Edited and introduced by: Heather Roberts
Format: Hardback, Ebook
Pages: 244
Published: 1981
Availability: Out of print/out of stock
Specs: 21.0cm x 13.5cm
ISBN: 9780196480015

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The Butcher Shop first appeared in 1926. Despite big overseas sales it was banned in New Zealand and later Australia for being disgusting, indecent and communistic – in other words for promoting revolutionary ideas about women and for a bold portrayal of the brutality of farm life. On one level, the novel is a fast-paced account of how passion and jealousy destroy the lives of a rich and cultured farming family; on another it is a fierce polemic for the freedom of women, which in its frankness was years ahead of its time.


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