Rapunzel Rapunzel

Janet Charman

Author: Janet Charman
Format: Ebook only
Pages: 86
Published: September 1998
Specs: 22.8cm x 15.0cm
ISBN: 9781869402082

Available in Ebook

As a feminist poet chronicling life in the suburbs in all its banal and joyous detail, Janet Charman has no equal. She has a strong personality but she is never an egotistical poet and her work is remarkable for its compassion, its uncompromising anger and its wit and irony. It has developed a more sophisticated and complex approach over the years and in Rapunzel Rapunzel, the result of a CNZ/University of Auckland fellowship, Charman’s use of language, tight, pointed, aware, is often masterly: this collection is filled with people’s voices, familiar and vivid.


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[Charman’s] field is always the domestic, that is to say, the world. Her scope is dazzling. She writes from a liberated intelligence that wanders free-range over the territory of knowledge. Her voice is one of the most compelling I know. – Cath Kenneally, Landfall