Milk & Honey

Michele Leggott

Author: Michele Leggott
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 112
Published: April 2005
Availability: Out of stock/print
Specs: 20.0cm x 20.5cm
ISBN: 9781869403348

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Milk & Honey is a dance to the music of that future time. It looks back and remembers. It looks forward and tries to see what will happen next. Its theatre is the world turning round and what can be saved each day from a life of the imagination. It builds tentative structures from smaller parts that come and go like thought itself. It is a lamentation, the universe as circus. It is a pattern of doors opening. It counts and it listens. It is a series of border-crossings between light and dark, old world and new, history and desire, body and soul, life and death, yes and no. It is a attempt on happiness, another search for the oh of transformation. It is in three parts with a gateway at either end. It can be read from the front or the back and there is seriousness but also songs along the way. Why is it called Milk & Honey? Because of a song. Why are there two clowns on the cover? Because one morning they were front-page news.


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Milk & Honey shows us that the ordinary is full of marvels. It is a text at once utopian, cinematic, symphonic, oceanic; it offers the big picture . . . . You can feel the heat coming off such writing, confirmation that at her best Michele Leggott is arguably our finest living female rhapsodist. – David Eggleton, NZ Listener