Fool Moon

Murray Edmond and photographs by Joanna Forsberg

Author: Murray Edmond
Photographs by: Joanna Forsberg
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 80
Published: June 2004
Availability: Out of stock / out of print
Specs: 20.0cm x 20.4cm
ISBN: 9781869403164

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Fool Moon is a sparkling collection by a well-known poet. Constructed in four parts for the phases of the moon, it is as lively and irreverent as ever. There are bright glimpses of faraway places, warm conversations with friends, jokes and games with words, strong theatrical elements and encounters with other writers. One poem is made up of lines from The Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse (1985); another is a moving elegy for poet and dramatist Alan Brunton. While there are the sardonic and satirical moments so characteristic of Murray Edmond, the collection as a whole is affirmative, entertaining and enjoyable reading. With photographs by Joanna Forsberg.


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. . . immediately relevant to the chief concerns of poetry today. I think we can take heart that there are such able practitioners among us who demonstrate the skills and inclinations to create rich textual places and pass them on for us to enjoy and marvel at. – John Geraets, Landfall