Fat Science: Why Diets and Exercise Don’t Work – and What Does

Robyn Toomath

Author: Robyn Toomath
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Pages: 160
Published: April 2016
Specs: 19.0cm x 14.0cm
ISBN: 9781869408534

Available in Ebook

‘I don’t ask my patients to lose weight,’ says endocrinologist Robyn Toomath. This book explains why.

This small book draws on the latest science to offer realism and policy solutions to one of our biggest problems.

Drawing on the latest research and twenty years of working with overweight patients, this short and punchy book dispels myths and tells the tough truths about our obesity epidemic. Does dieting work? (No.) Is exercise the answer? (No.) Can we change our genes? (Unfortunately not.) How about pills and surgery? (Sometimes, but we can't operate on everyone.) Why are the rich thinner than the poor? (You'll find out.)

Toomath shows how our modern world is making us fat. And while governments and individuals keep trying things that science shows do not work - from dieting to education campaigns - she outlines what just might make a difference in ending the obesity epidemic.

A thousand books will tell you how to get thin. It looks like they haven't worked. We just keep getting fatter. Fat Science - a small book about one of our biggest problems - can change that.


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“Can I borrow that book when you’re done with it?” asked a friend who saw Fat Science on my reading pile. - Anne Kerslake Hendricks, NZ Booksellers

Blaming individuals for obesity lets governments off the hook and is a "distractor", [Toomath] says. - Cate Broughton, Stuff NZ

...if you are or have ever struggled with your weight you will find it particularly insightful. - Melissa Peaks, Melissa Loses It